Mountain View High School Lady Lacrosse

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2022 Team Store:

The team store is now open using the link below and will close on Feb 13th. We have a short opening for our store, to ensure there is inventory available to full-fill everyone's order and hopefully receive all items by early March. 

Team store ordering does not involve the school bookkeeper, so all items will be ordered on-line and paid for at the time of the order.




Note: There is not an option in the store to add your name to the team jacket pictured below. If you order the jacket and want to have your name included, you will need to take the order number that you will receive after completing payment on-line to the LAX ID store and request to have your name added. Cost for the addition of your name is $8.00 and will be paid for at the LAX ID store. Be sure you have your order number and you get to the store before Feb 13th.