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Good Morning Spring Sport Coaches!


February will be busy for Shayla and I as we start quarter 3, so I wanted to make sure we got this updated SWOL instruction document to you sooner than later. The rules have not changed as far as required paperwork, but our paperwork collection process has in that we will no longer be accepting hard copies of physicals (and neither will you!🙂). This is all explained in the attached document, but I'll summarize for your convenience!


  1. Freshmen/juniors/transfer athletes must upload their own physical, front and back, to their SWOL profile under the attachments tab. 
  2. Current sophomores/seniors with up to date physicals are in the clear, but will have to upload a digital copy next year when they get their next physical. 
  3. All athletes must complete the IQ and Concussion forms on SWOL, and update their general/medical/emergency tabs. 

As you know, an athlete may not participate in tryouts if they have not completed the steps above. The sooner you can give us an excel spreadsheet to start checking off names (even if incomplete) the better! Additionally, concussion testing is also different this year. First, they will pay their $5 to the bookkeeper directly or online using their SchoolFees account. The athletes will download the app (SWAY medical) to their own phone, and using the code we provide you with for your team, baseline testing will be done remotely. I believe you all have at least one sports medicine student on one of your teams to assist with administering it, but Shayla and I can also give you a quick run down to assist on the day you choose. The code we assign you only lasts a few days, so think about when you'd like to do baseline testing as it gets closer and let us know. It should take about 15-20 minutes total, and all of them can test at the same time while remaining quiet so they can concentrate 🙂 


Please let us know if you have any questions. We're looking forward to spring sports! 


Kind Regards,


Taylor Clark, MAL, ATC, LAT

Mountain View High School

Sports Medicine Teacher

Athletic Trainer